Reviews about Hondrogel

  • Yuliana
    Osteoarthritis has plagued me since my youth. During the exacerbations I could not step on my feet at all, I had to take sick leave all the time. During my illness I was able to try many different medications, but only Hondrogel gel was able to completely relieve me of pain. Now I just use it.
  • Dian
    Back pain occurred during pregnancy. I thought they would go away after giving birth, but it only got worse. It is good that Hondrogel turned out to be a very effective home remedy for joint pain. My husband used it to treat arthritis. It also helped me with just a few uses.
  • Andri
    I recently decided to try Hondrogel gel as my hands were very sore. The remedy really helps, after the first use the pain is gone. I went through an application and now I don't even remember joint pain.
  • Desi
    Many people my age have already got used to constant joint pain. But I'm still working, so it's important to me to keep my health and well-being at a high level. For knee pain, the doctor prescribed Hondrogel gel. His pain went away immediately and a month later the doctor said my joints had almost completely recovered!
  • Kiki
    My husband has arthritis and he cannot stand up during exacerbations. We tried using Hondrogel gel for treatment - he really liked it. Now when there is pain, she lubricates her legs with gel and in 10 minutes she goes to work!
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